Words from Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa Brinkman.

As a second-generation astrologer, I’ve been immersed in the discipline of astrology my entire life.

And as a professional counselor and art therapist, I’ve witnessed the profound impact that astrology can have in helping my clients heal old wounds and work through challenges. An astrological chart reading quickly illuminates the energetic archetypes that are influencing a person’s life … information that gives a broader understanding of the patterns and problems they face, as well as helping them recognize the potential in their lives.

Here is a sampling of the types of insights my clients have gained:

  • Understanding of their potential and life’s purpose
  • Perspective in life’s most challenging situations … transforming “problems” into opportunities for growth
  • Confidence and peace of mind in major decisions
  • An understanding of how to be effective and nurturing parents to their children
  • Building a strong, dynamic and loving relationship with their life partner
  • Making timely business decisions and partnerships

It is my joy and purpose to help you use the amazing and insightful tool of astrology. I look forward to working with you!