Astrology is an excellent tool for gaining a deeper understanding into yourself, your life’s journey, and your relationships.

See what some of my clients have to say about my astrology charts and other astrology services:

“I was going through tough business times nine months ago and you said that the seeds I plant will come to fruition. Well, at the time that inspired me to trust the future would be better and here we are nine months later, all I can say is “Wow.” It really was true.”  BR, Physician


“Anyone with more than one child will tell you how different they can be. Your Zodiac Child reading really helped me change my approach with my teen I kept butting heads with.  Thank you from my whole family and my forehead.” MT, Single Mom


“I found Lisa’s astrology reading to be affirming at a very deep level. I left feeling certain that I can make good choices as the year progresses. I now have a new sense of self as life presents new opportunities and challenges. Thank you for your penetrating insight. It was so helpful.” LH, Artist


“Just wanted to share my good news! I think I’ve told all of you that I wrote a $150,000 grant proposal to pilot a new delivery model for diabetes education in rural clinics.

Lisa read my astrological chart a few months ago, and said that the planetary alignments were very favorable for me to get the grant.  She also said there would be some sort of glitch or delay, but that the money would come through. Well, they were supposed to make the announcement in December, but it was held up until this week. Lisa totally nailed it!

Having the astrological forecast helped me maintain confidence and grace in the face of not knowing, and I didn’t waste one minute worrying about whether the grant would come through.”  KS, Diabetes Coordinator, Major Hospital